All natural, handmade, plant based, organic moisturizing serum is finally here! "Pregnancy Glow" is packed with the number-one leading ingredients in moisturizing serums. This Aloe Vera Plant based hydrated formula is infused with the rawest honey. Avocado oil to speed up the healing of scars, sunburns or wounds. Vitamin E to enchance your youth by treating fine lines, minimizing and preventing the look of scars. Turmeric is sprinkeled over each batch to give your skin the ultimate "Glow"



Pregnancy Glow

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  • Description


    • hydrates
    • tones
    • moisturize
    • ultimate glow
  • How to Use:

    Daily use to tone skin and remove dark spots, keeps skin soft with out oily residue,  also great before makeup to set and provide highlight. For best results use in combination with our "I Am...Glow Bright'N Bar"