In this 6 week business mentorship program you will learn how to monetize your digital following, overcome your fears, confidently make decisions, and reach goals by executing. Our focus for developing these brands and ensuring that they are successful, stems from 4 key components

Setting the Atmosphere

Clear understanding and acknowledgement of each company’s needs. This will be customized as each and every brand’s required services and needs vary. 

Laying The Foundation

Analyzing each sector of the company to determine what the priority goals and plans are. Once established, comparing them to what the current status of the company is. From there focusing on organizing the pyramid of how to roll out the plan.

Building The Demand

Through creative marketing, data collection, digital & virtual marketing, word spread services and product placement(digital or print).

Execute The Vision

Our motto is all roads lead to success only when we follow the plan, commit to it , stay consistent, determined and on one accord. This mindset is necessary and mandatory during the process. We will utilize all avenues that we see mutually fit to execute the vision.


With over 10 year of experience in building brands and partnerships that stretch beyond the USA including international resources , app building, store representatives, wholesalers, manufacturers, influencers, experts in digital marketing will all be available to complete the plan.