Building a brand was only easy when God was the center, faith was present, work was exceeded, and everyone stayed in their lane!

Shaynah Solochek

CEO Brand Builders

Shaynah Solochek, serial entrepreneur started her mark in the world early in age. Braiding hair at 14 years of age, sewing clothes to make money. She was ambitious and had a passion for fashion, business and beauty. As a young adult she wrote business plans for local businesses one of them included Clara’s New Brownsville Cafe.


Shaynah opened her first brick and Mortar with her father (Charles Howard) they named it “Royals Boutique” Shaynah Solochek founded Royal Hair In 2010 and moved permanently to Atlanta GA where she would have one of the top virgin hair companies and progressing. In 2013 she opened 2nd brick and mortar new location in Milwaukee, WI. Shaynah did her first “Thanksgiving Dinner” Giveaway and from this point her contributions to the community, small businesses and those in need grew expeditiously. Shaynah began to orchestrate programming for concerts & events that would allow young adults a safe place to enjoy live music and great vibes.


Today Shaynah has created a virtual place to women and men allowing them the opportunity to express themselves and inspiring them to work hard for their purpose. This mother of two is no ordinary individual! With Christianity as her Mothers (Khani Solochek) beliefs, Judaism as her grandmothers born into beliefs and Islamic practices her entire childhood and young adult life, Shaynah Solochek is a teacher of spiritual beliefs and as she would say a “God Servant”

Topics that will be covered:

  1. God & Goals

  2. Business infrastructure 

  3. Business Analyst

  4. Formula for sales spark 

  5. Faith positive 

  6. Plan of action 

  7. Trusting what you believe

"God said its yours, you just have to get up and go get it."

This 6 week course will:

Restore your faith 

Check your heart’s consistency

Align your plan with your purpose 

Cancel detractions

Prioritize your goals 

And overcome fear

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